Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Miracles of Spring

Spring never comes without miracles:

Last spring I reported that our Red Slider turtles laid eggs.

Well, now they've done it again!!!

Two of our four turtles laid eggs last year. The same girl that started the whole thing last year began scratching the garden soil looking for a place to nest. This turtle laid eggs TWICE last year, totaling 9 eggs. None of them hatched even though we took the eggs into special care. On this ocasion, this little girl laid 5 eggs.

Diggin' around.

Finishing the job

We've had these turtles for almost twenty years now. I remember when they were so small that you could hold all of them in the palm of your hand!

This is a shot of the first egg that was laid.

Palmira Arzubide de Bricio.

My aunt
Palmira passed away after a long battle with cancer. The first miracle of this year's spring happened when God decided to call her to his side on March 21st. All the family was with her, she was at peace and ready to answer the Lord's call.

Palmira was a famous mexican movie star of the 1960's. Her debut role came along side Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" in the movie "El Analfabeto".

Rest in peace, Tía.

"My son, shed tears over the dead, and begin to lament as if thou hadst suffered some great harm, and according to judgment cover his body, and neglect not his burial.
And for fear of being ill spoken of weep bitterly for a, day, and then comfort thyself in thy sadness.
And make mourning for him according to his merit for a day, or two, for fear of detraction.
For of sadness cometh death, and it overwhelmeth the strength, and the sorrow of the heart boweth down the neck.
In withdrawing aside sorrow remaineth: and the substance of the poor is according to his heart.
Give not up thy heart to sadness, but drive it from thee: and remember the latter end.
Forget it not: for there is no returning, and thou shalt do him no good, and shalt hurt thyself.
Remember my judgment: for also shall be so: yesterday for me, and to day for thee.
When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest, and comfort him in the departing of his spirit."

Ecclesiasticus, XXXVIII. 16-24